Profile Martin Veltkamp

Striking and unique. Casual, basic, sober, but complete, with both large lines, as well as details. Gardens designed by Martin Veltkamp are characterised by the right mix of elements.

Martin Veltkamp (4 May 1959) was born in Haarlem as the oldest son of a middle-class family. Even as a child, Martin was very interested in plants and what they can mean for the atmosphere in a space. After high school, he chose to study garden and landscaping architecture at the National College for Garden and Landscape Design in Boskoop.

This course turned out to be mainly aimed at an official execution of the profession. However, Martin learned soil science, plant knowledge and technical insights here. After the course, he became a self-taught designer. Garden designer Martin single-handedly developed a unique style in garden design that is mainly based on his unique opinions on hierarchy and interpretation of space.

Today, a garden design by Martin Veltkamp is the result of following a complex, well thought-out system. This results in a clear landscape. Martin’s biggest challenge is to share his garden ideas with others, before giving them life in his designs. By teaching clients about his principles, he wants them to experience a shock of recognition and truly feel at home in their garden.