When the landscape architect is also responsible for and involved in the creation of the garden, you get the most beautiful results. They will look at the execution of the work more critically and they will make sure the end result is exactly the way they designed it. Both qualitatively and quantitatively, they will not be satisfied with less and will always strive for the optimal result for your garden.

In addition to the landscaping design, Martin Veltkamp Tuinen can also take care of the installation and maintenance of the designed gardens. As they have years of experience installing gardens and are used to working with landscape architects, many of our clients choose to have their gardens implemented by Martin Veltkamp’s gardeners. These competent gardeners follow the latest methods and have all the necessary paperwork and machines to ensure the installation of your garden runs smoothly. Martin Veltkamp’s gardening company also follows all rules and regulations required by law. The gardeners know exactly what the landscapers want to convey with their design and will not be satisfied with an execution that does not match this.

All paving and building materials used for the garden, from garden tiles to screws for fences, are high-quality, have been comprehensively tested by Martin Veltkamp Tuinen and have been found to be optimally suitable for their function in the garden. Even the trees, bushes and perennials, detailed in the landscaping design, are carefully chosen by the landscapers and planted with the utmost care by the competent gardeners.

While your new garden is being installed, you will receive comprehensive information about maintenance. Regardless of whether you will take care of this yourself or have it done by us.

If you would like to know more about the implementation of your garden, you can call us at +31 (0) 10 521 70 40 or fill out our contact form for a meeting without any obligations.