The perfect place, where everything seems to be in perfect harmony. The perfect moment, when everything seems right. It is an intense feeling we would love to hold on to and experience more often. That is what people want to experience in their gardens. And for this reason, it is important for a landscaper to have the skills to precisely capture the right atmosphere. Only attention to detail in the landscape design can create that deep feeling of bliss.

In a garden, of course, there are also factors in play that are not determined by decoration and design. Enjoyment of the garden on a warm and sunny day depends on the weather. Martin Veltkamp’s garden designs aim to influence the environment with smart details that greatly improve the chance to more frequently enjoy blissful moments. A stylish vase of flowers on the table or beautiful lanterns in a clever spot are examples of detailing in Martin Veltkamp’s style. Practical matters also get a lot of attention, such as a heater above the patio, so it can be used more often.

Luxury elements also enhance the feeling of bliss. Think of comfortable pillows and luxurious lounge seats. As well as, of course, a warm blanket for colder moments. Martin Veltkamp takes garden design a lot further than simply arranging the spaces; his choices in detailing add to the design. This intensifies the full experience of the garden. This is all done in such a way that enough freedom is left to comfortably use the garden. The user can simply take their things into the garden, without disturbing the image. The opposite is true; this will contribute to a more personal and intense experience.