Martin Veltkamp often applies large contrasts, because they pull the attention to them. Using differences in texture and shapes especially creates contrast. The textures could be hard against soft, for example, or shining against matte. Some objects feel grainy, some feel smooth.

It can also feel cold or warm. The texture of an object in the garden implies something about the structure of the material. With the contrast in materials in his landscape designs, Martin Veltkamp conveys sensations that ensure a deepening of the experience of the whole garden. Combining a high-gloss lacquered bench with woollen pillows creates a beautiful contrast. Using untreated, but very straight wood for a fence can also do this. This way the nuance gets more attention.

In Martin Veltkamp’s philosophy, a straight facade calls for an angular terrace or a straight hedge. The contrast is then created, by introducing round planters with round box trees. This softens the line of a straight wall with blades of casually waving, translucent, ornamental grass. This creates an exciting visual play. Variations in light and dark are often subconsciously experienced, which means shadows can have a beautiful effect. Besides shadows, light falling though openings in certain structures also provides a very special effect. The atmosphere of a space can be immensely influenced by consciously applying light and dark in a landscape design.